Taurus Raging Judge Magnum

Raging Judge Magnum
Raging Judge Magnum

The Taurus Raging Judge Magnum, an amalgamation of the Raging Bull series, and the hybrid revolver/shotgun Judge.  Nothing I’ve ever handled can be described quite as well as a “hand cannon” as this behemoth.



Far surpassing the abilities of the Judge, this monster of a handgun is rated for not just .410 and .45LC, but as the Raging Bull’s Red Stripe grip would indicate, this one can handle the pressures of a .454 Casull.  Weighing in at over 4.5lbs empty, it handles the massive recoil from even hot .454 loads (tested with Hornady 240gr XTP Mag and 255gr Flat Tip) admirably.  That touted red raging bull backstrap really helps keep your hands from cramping immediately, and work very well to distribute the shock.  When shooting the lighter loads, .410 and .45LC, the weight of the Raging Judge Magnum negate the recoil to the point that it literally feels like shooting a .22lr, and it’s an amazing feeling.



The other thing amazing about it, is that the rifling of the barrel was designed in such a way that accuracy is retained with both .410 Buckshot (Winchester PDX1 being my favorite of those tested) and .45LC despite the long “jump” to the rifling due to the cylinder length. The front fiber optic sight aided in this, and was a pleasure to use.


7 thoughts on “Taurus Raging Judge Magnum”

  1. good night, I’m very interested in the taurus ranging judge magnum caliber 454/45LC/410 6.1/2 inches 7 shots, do you deliver this equipment safely and discreetly here in Brazil?

  2. Good morning dear, I wanted to know if you can indicate me a seller that sends here to Brazil?

  3. Good morning dear, I wanted to know if you can indicate me a seller who sends here to Brazil?

  4. Allow me a question and please don’t be offended
    how do drug cartels around the world get any gun produced in the united states? and sold right there in the united states? I’m just a humble collector who can’t get access to the best weapons in the world!

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