About the Authors

James Allen –
Staring at AlligatorsOriginally from Baltimore, Maryland, I moved to Houston, Texas about 15 years ago, which among other things, really let me get into shooting sports a lot more than I was able to do in Baltimore.  Along with being an avid shooter and “a friend you can ask about guns” I’m also a certified shooting instructor.


At both the behest of my significant other who thought blogging together would be fun (pictured), and my friends and family for whom I’m the go-to-guy for topics firearms related, I’m going to do my best to maintain this blog with reviews / thoughts / guides / how-tos on firearms, accessories, and random things shooting related.  My plan is to eventually be able to answer any of the barrage of facebook/text/etc. messages from friends with a simple “go search my blog.”  We’ll see how that goes.

David Vance –
I am a medically retired  US Army veteran with multiple combat tours in Iraq (03-04, 04-05, 06-07) and have experience as a military marksmanship instructor, civilian firearms instructor, as well as experience as military law enforcement, an armorer, a short domestic security contractor stint, and all around shithead.  Small Arms Master Gunner Certified, but that doesn’t say much. Transplanted from the East Coast to Gunsmithing School out West. Prior performance predicts future results, so expect to be disappointed.

Firearms tear-down guides, reviews, and more.